Requirements to the articles


Check the correctness of Your article with checklist (download)


Basic requirements for the articles:

1. The structure of the article *:

1. UDC;

2. Name (must be 10 words) 3 languages ​​(Ukrainian, English, Russian);

3. Authors (Last, First, Middle) 3 languages ​​(Ukrainian, English, Russian)

4. Abstract 2 languages ​​(Ukrainian, Russian) to 50 words

5. Extended abstract in English (100 to 250 words)

(See Additional Requirements for the articles).

6. Keywords three languages ​​(Ukrainian, Russian, English), up to 10 words.

7. Introduction.

In the introduction, you can specify:

- To any field of science (production) include studies referred to in Article;

- Justify the relevance of the problem to be solved by the author.

8. Articles:

• Statement of the problem in general and its relationship to important scientific and practical problems.

• Analysis of research and publications in which the problem was solved by others, highlighting the unsolved parts of the problem which the present article.

• The wording of the purposes of Article (problem) description of the base material with full justification of scientific results, the prospects for further research in this area.

• The resulting research results - examples of practical solutions (numerical results, graphs, charts, etc.) to assess the adequacy of the proposed theoretical solutions and their implications

9. Findings

10. References in article's language, executed on DSTU GOST 7.1:2006 (at least 10 references to the sources from which no more than 30% of links to sources written by the authors of the article)

11. References in english (example

11. Information about the authors three languages ​​(Ukrainian, English, Russian).

• Requirements for the structure of the articles submitted to the "East-European Journal of advanced technologies," are based on the requirements of WAC Ukraine to specialized publications, which can publish the results of the dissertation research.


2. Recommendations to the text:

Manuscripts must be typed in Times New Roman 14 1 interval and contain the following elements - paragraphs: UDC headline, first name, last name of author (s), abstract and literature (sample attached). Fields to 20 mm on all sides. Formulas should be typed in the equation editor (put options). Additional drawings must be in JPG format and inserted in the article (signature pattern - Fig. 1. Text - WORDE below the figure). The smallest number of pages in the article - 7, maximum - 30, including information about the authors (see sample).


To the Editor must be submitted:

1. The electronic version of the article (in any media or by email) in Ukrainian or Russian, or English (language of the article is selected by the author.)

2. One copy of the article in printed form (signed on the back of the last page of all authors)

3. Review signed PhD, with print, assures his signature (1 copy).

4. Information about the authors (sample attached)

5. License agreement. Signature of the author (s) must be approved by the seal of personnel agencies, where the author (authors) or printing department. The sample is attached.

(Download a sample)

6. For authors who are not nationals of Ukraine, license agreement, in the form shown below.Signature of the author (s) must be approved by the seal of personnel agencies where the author (authors) or printing department.

The sample is attached.

(Download a sample)



Every article submitted to the editor, undergoes the anonymous reviewing and, if the review is positive, printed in the next issue of the journal (see table).


The current release number







The term of publication







The deadline for articles to the appropriate the closest number







Please do not hold your submission of article until the deadline! This will greatly facilitate the work of the editorial board and will guarantee the rapid publication of your article.








Additional requirements for the articles: NEW



When submitting articles to the editor must be:

  1. Additional extensions to the article abstract in English (example below)
  2. References in English (example below)

Extended Abstracts in English.



The abstract should be:

- Informative (not contain common words);

- Original (not to be a carbon copy of Russian-speaking abstracts);

- Content (reflecting the main content of the article and results


- Structured (follow the logic description of the results in the paper);

- Compact (packed in the amount of 100 to 250 words).



The abstract should include:

- The subject, the subject, the purpose of work;

- The method or methodology of work;

- The results of work;

- The scope of the results;

- Conclusions.



Examples of annotations (download)



Procedure for submission of extended abstracts in the English edition:

Option 1. In edition served in Advanced English abstract, wet seal certified translation agency.

Option 2. In the edition of the extended abstract submitted to the Russian (or Ukrainian), translated by specialists Editions



References in English (including the list of references in the language of the article)


To obtain a list of literature in English is preferred style APA (
Information should be transliterated according to the Decree of Cabinet of Ministers of 27.01.2010 № 55 ( D0% BF)

Examples of references (download)



Given additional requirements regarding annotations and references, are dictated by the mandatory requirements of the world of abstract databases.





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Dear author, please use the following guidelines for the articles:



- In the "About the Authors" indicates the place of work, position, etc., in the nominative case. Example of the text: "... head ... National Technical University ..";

- The list of references in strict compliance with the interstate standard GOST 7.1:2006 (download)

- For the correct layout of articles, please dial the formula editor MathType or Microsoft Equation. Integration formulas in the text as a picture is not valid!

- To the Editor submitted to Microsoft Word versions do2003 year (Word 11, Microsoft Office 2003). Documents Word 2007 docx format will not be accepted.



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